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iPhone App iEnzian


Sie besitzen ein iPhone, iPod touch & iPad und möchten in unserer Hotel-Pension buchen?

Wir bieten Ihnen die iPhone Applikation "iEnzian", mit der Sie bequem, kostenlos eine Buchung in unserem Hause vornehmen können. Laden Sie die Applikation im iTunes-Store herunter und genießen Sie den Komfort.

Download iEnzian App

Ihre Hotel-Pension Enzian

Sie betreiben eine Pension oder ein Hotel und sind an Ihrer eigenen iPhone-Applikation interessiert? Gern vermitteln wir Ihnen den Kontakt zu den Softwareentwicklern. Sprechen Sie uns an!

* don't start up your computer to place a reservation at your favourite hotel
* even do not surf to their homepage on your iPhone
* just use the native iPhone reservation app proving an easy-to-tap native iPhone interface.

The App allows for placing reservations at Hotel-Pension Enzian in a more convenient manner that it would be ever possible. Note that it works in conjunction with a configured e-mail account on your iPhone. It also performs some basic consistency checks to place secure and safe reservation requests.

Background: we have notices that a rising number of returning guests that apparently send their reservation request by using an iPhone (normally, one can see that in the signature of the e-mail saying that this message was sent on an iPhone). So, our offer to returning customers with their iPhones is: just use the free reservation app. It allows you to store your name and other data so it is basically reduced to choosing the room and setting the dates. Just as easy?

PS: You run, own, operate a hotel on your own? And see many guests having an iPhone, too? Contact us, if you would like to offer this extra of service to your guests as well. We could tailor the app to your needs.


Download iEnzian App

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